Digitek Flash Speedlite DFL 003

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Use of flash during your photo shoot will no longer pose any problem when you have this extremely user-friendly component right at hand. Digitek Flash Speedlite DFL 003 is compatible with Auto Flash E-TT1-II and supports Stroboscopic/Multi flash functions. It has a hot shoe metal and PC socket. This product is quite light to carry around in spite of the presence of batteries inside with only 250 g weight and offers optical slave excellent sensitivity. Mounting this on the tripod is also extremel

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  Brand :  Digitek
  Model Number / Name :  Speedlite DFL 003
  Colour :  Black
  Desinged For :  Nikon AF, Canon AF
  Modes of Operation :  Manual
  Vertical Bounce/ Swived Agnle :  0-90 Degree
  Horizontal Bounce/ Swived Angle :  0-270 Degree
  Number of Flashes :  120 Flashes (Alkaline Batteries)
  Recycling Time :  Approx 0.1 - 5 s (AA Alkaline Batteries)
  Guide :  38 ISO 100
  Number of Batteries :  4
  Battery Type :  AA Alkaline or Ni-MH
  Additional Features :  Supports Multi/ Stroboscopic Flash Function as well as Auto and Manual Zoom Function 24 - 105 mm, Excellent Optical Slave Sensitivity, Camera Mount Thread on the Mini Stand, Easy to Mount on a Tripod

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