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ebydeal Guarantee* & Seller Protection


ebydeal Guarantee

ebydeal guarantee is an ebydeal program that works to ensure a better buying/selling experience.

While a majority of ebydeal transactions are trouble-free, there might be occasions when transactions do not work out as expected. In such cases, our ebydeal Guarantee Program will help resolve any such instances.

As you are aware, ebydeal is an independent online marketplace where independent buyers and sellers transact with each other. ebydeal does not manufacture, generate, own, sell, store, procure, possess, transmit, send or distribute the items/products listed by sellers in any manner. The ebydeal Guarantee program is instituted to help users resolve genuine claims arising from transactions they have with other users on the site.  All transactions on ebydeal are covered by ebydeal Guarantee.

ebydeal Guarantee benefits the seller in the following ways:

  • A faster and more efficient claim Resolution and Seller Protection program.
  • Multiple channels to register your concern -- including Customer Support and My PaisaPay -- to  ensure that buyers resolve concerns in a timely fashion.
  • ebydeal Customer Support representatives actively follow up with both buyers and sellers to get cases resolved as soon as possible.
  • If the seller successfully resolves the buyer's concern, their account is not impacted negatively.
  • If a seller decides to refund the buyer's money or the buyer decides to get a refund, ebydeal refunds the money.
  • If ebydeal decides to protect the buyer in cases where a seller isn't at fault, ebydeal protects such sellers under the ebydeal Seller Protection Program.


Seller Protection

We want you to be able to sell with confidence.Thus, we also have a Seller Protection program to protect our sellers. 

The ebydeal Seller Protection program provides protection to sellers when refunds or claim payouts are initiated by ebydeal to the buyer through the ebydeal Guarantee program, especially in the below cases -

  • If the seller has shipped the product and the buyer is in possession of the product.
  • If the buyer has returned the product to the seller, but the seller hasn't received it, the seller has received it back in a damaged condition.
  • The seller should inform ebydeal of these situations within 10 days from the date on which the claim was closed in favour of the buyer.