Managing Claims



Let us look at the kind of claims that buyers may raise against a seller and how a seller can protect himself against these claims.

There are four types of claims which can be filed against a seller –

  1. Item not received
  2. Item Damaged
  3. Item Part Missing
  4. Item not as described

Here is how you can protect yourself against these claims -

Item not received

a) Ship within the given timelines and enter the shipping details.

b) Ship the item only to the shipping address mentioned in the order purchase history.

c) Communicate with the buyer, let him know when you ship the item.

d) Use a reputed courier company that offers online tracking.

 Item Damaged

a) Pack your product properly so that it does not get damaged in transit.

b) Use a reputed courier which will reach your products safely.

Item Part Missing

a) Write a clear description of all parts/components so that the buyer knows what he is getting.

b) Have a checklist while packing the item to ensure you dont miss putting in parts/components.

Item not as described

a) Describe the item as accurately as possible. Clearly mention the material, color, shade, condition, specifications, warranty etc so that there is no confusion at the buyer's end.

b) Add clear pictures capturing all item details.

c) Do not leave out any information to ambiguity.

Following these simple guidelines will go a long way in protecting you as a seller.