How to get Paid




1. Item gets Sold

  • Once your item gets sold, you will receive a confirmation of the buyer's payment confirmation via email from PaisaPay.

2. Ship Your Item

  • Once you receive the payment confirmation email from PaisaPay you need to ship the item to the buyer.
  • Make sure you ship the item within 3 days from the purchase date and enter the correct shipping details in 'My PaisaPay'.

3. Deliver The Item

  • Use a reputed Courier Company to deliver the item.
  • Track your item and ensure it is delivered within 7 days.

4. Receive Item Receipt Confirmation from Buyer 

  • eBay waits 5 days for the buyer to confirm the item receipt else treats the item as delivered. 

5. Paisapay clears the remittance

  • Paisapay transfers your money to your registered bank account.

6. Get Paid

  • Depending on your Remittance status your amount will be reflected in your bank account.