Shipping through your Courier-Service

Shipping is the most important part of the whole transaction because this is when the buyer actually gets the product in his hands. Let’s look at some of the crucial components for successful shipping.

If this is your first time selling an item, you need to plan how you will ship your product. You need to decide the shipping costs, which shipping services to use and then select the options while listing your products.

Package your items carefully

Make sure that your item arrives safely by packing it safely and securely before you ship it. Use a sturdy box preferably that's the right size. Make sure you include enough/reasonable packing material, and tape it securely. Check here to find out more about packaging items.

Ship quickly

Buyers typically want their items quickly, so the faster you can get your items shipped, the happier your buyers will be. Tell your buyer when an item is shipped.

 Print Shipping labels at home

You can print shipping labels and custom forms right from your home printer. Look for the Print Shipping Label link in the listing or on the Order details page. Learn more about creating and printing your own shipping labels.

Generate Repeat Business

Include a business card or a note with your eBay user ID to thank your buyer for their business.